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February, 2020

January is off to a strong start on the squadron. With cadets passing classification training exams which is always a great achievement. This training means that we can get our newest recruits flying in the first allocations for 2020.

Under our training syllabus we should have the entire squadron achieving awards in leadership, heart-start first aid and communications badges before the end of February, ready to move on to more advanced bronze training in the summer.

We also look forward to weapons training weekends to get all cadets shooting the L98A2 rifle, and to start work towards marksmanship badges. In the coming weeks Linton will have a guest speaker from a specialist police fire arms unit, giving a presentation and discussion on what a specialist career in the police can offer.

We look forward to our annual presentation evening in early February. This is a fantastic occasion where we enrol new cadets, present certificates, awards, trophies and promotions in front of proud parents and family.

Linton will play host to the annual ATC Sunday parade, which celebrates the formation of the Air Training Corps. Local squadrons will form a parade through the village on the afternoon of the 9th February.

We have a good parade strength on squadron and we still have space to welcome new cadets and staff. If you or someone you know would like to find out more about what we offer please do get in touch on the details below.

Civilian Instructor Bradley Wright

Training Officer 2523

07943 873272

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