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October 2020

At Linton we continue to have success with BTEC awards in lock-down with Corporals Fenn, Tysoe, Keenan and Murray all submitting their Level 2 awards in Teamwork and Personal Development. We look forward to receiving the results for these soon.

Virtual parade nights continue to be a success with Cadets often running sessions themselves; recently we have had interest lectures from Cadet Morris about aero-modelling and Cadet Vellacott on professional flight simulators. We continue to meet weekly for virtual training.

Planning for our return to face to face activity is item 1 on our agenda. Meeting our own internal policy criteria as well as all guidance from the National Youth Agency so we can ensure a safe return to activities is our absolute priority. I’m pleased to say considerable progress is being made and we hope to have announcements regarding our return to face to face in the coming weeks.

A full training program has been put together for our return. Over virtual parade nights we have covered all sorts of theory including leadership, fieldcraft, first aid and radio training. I look forward to seeing cadets able to complete all the practical aspects of our comprehensive syllabus soon.

Usually at this time of year we would be focussing on drill and uniform so we are on top form for parading the squadron and our banners at both Castle Camps and Linton memorial parades however this year due to the circumstances things will look considerably different. Linton Squadron will support the local community in every way possible within our guidelines.

Bradley Wright

Acting Pilot Officer RAFAC

07943 873272

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