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November 2020

With the announcement of the latest lockdown our training has remained virtual through October and November. Cadets continue to achieve and push forwards with the training syllabus with the support of virtual parade nights.

Ground school flight training for the award of blue wings has been on offer, along with a host of activities surrounding remembrance day. For the past two decades Linton has adopted the war memorial at RAF Castle Camps as well as parading through the village.

This year has been different, with only a handful of representatives able to attend both Linton and Castle Camps memorial services. A special mention must go to Cadet Joseph Morris for a flawless performance of “The Last Post” at the Linton service.

Many remembrance events have taken place online including a history of RAF Castle Camps and why this memorial is so important to our local area. On remembrance Sunday cadets across the country took part in a doorstep salute instead of the usual large scale parades we normally attend.

Face to face planning continues and we have taken a positive step towards reopening the squadron with Pilot Officers Keenan and myself completing officer training with the Adult Training Facility at RAF College Cranwell, helping to secure the future of the squadron.

2523 continue to parade virtually with a full program as we await our return to face to face date; something that both cadets and staff are looking forward to.

Bradley Wright

Pilot Officer RAFAC

Training Officer

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