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June 2021

Throughout June we have been enjoying and making the most of the fantastic weather and light evenings. 2523’s cadets have started all sorts of practical activities. One of the highlights has been making the most of the new drone technology we have on squadron.

Over a few evenings each cadet has been able to get to grips with the practical piloting techniques on at least one of several drones, which is not only good fun but also aids in the teaching of principles of flight and airmanship.

As we get back fully into the swing of training, nothing focusses a cadets mind like a promotion board. Officer Commanding, Flight Lieutenant Tennison, is looking for the more senior cadets to step up for promotion.

This has led to a flurry of lesson planning from the cadets looking to impress, and we look forward to the cadet led sessions including sports, uniform and standards, aircraft recognition, space & cyber and basic first aid training nights. All carefully watched and assessed by squadron staff.

As we move further into the summer we look forward to continuing our progressive training syllabus and towards events that will see multiple squadrons get together. The first of these events is a sports, archery and bbq day for the local squadrons in our sector. Both staff and cadets look forward to seeing friends and colleagues from other squadrons in this competitive, but fun, setting.

We are still open to new cadets, please get in touch to join today.

Bradley Wright

Pilot Officer RAFAC

07943 873272

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