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January 2022

It was great to see the whole squadron parade on Remembrance Sunday. 2523 Linton take part parading through both Castle Camps and Linton. Having not been back face to face very long it was fantastic to see the cadets turned out so smartly with numbers sufficient to parade both the Union Flag and the squadron banners.

We continue to thrive with five new instructor cadets on squadron. Congratulations to Sergeants Fenn and Murray and Corporals Morris, Newell and Vellacott. Passing the assessment isn’t easy and we look forward to you teaching on squadron.

Our first class cadet training has been completed, and our new first class cadets have also been awarded their St John’s Ambulance Essential First Aid certificates. A fantastic qualification to hold. Congratulations to Cadets Foster, Graves, Woods, Russell, Macmanara and Vellacott.

Cadet Morris J has been awarded with bronze Duke of Edinburgh, bronze music, senior cadet classification and blue communications. Sergeant Tysoe has now completed the powered flying sorties for issue of his blue aviation wings.

Corporal Pevley and Cadet Spall have both been awarded their leading cadet badges and have made a strong start on the senior cadet syllabus already.

As a squadron we look to push forward with both our vocational BTEC training as well as our usual syllabus. We look forward to a packed new year of training days and competitions.

We are open for new joiners, so please do get in touch today if you or someone you know is aged 12 and in year 8, or maximum age 17, and would like to join.

Bradley Wright

Pilot Officer RAFAC

07943 873272

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