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March, 2020

We continue our strong start to the year by getting three of our newly qualified cadets airborne within the first few days of achieving their first class cadet classification. A few comments from our first time flyer cadets:

Cadet Vellacott; “Flying was the most exhilarating experience I have ever had. Only when you have completed a flight for yourself can you truly appreciate the wonder of aviation.”

Cadet Spall; “I was able to go flying in a Grob Tutor 2 seater aircraft. I went to RAF Cranwell and actually FLEW the plane! At first I was nervous but after doing it I am eager to go again.”

Cadet Sainsbury; “It was amazing! The weather was fantastic, and I got a chance to fly the plane. The instructor did some aerobatics with me - loop the loop, barrel rolls, and more.”

Continuing with the aviation theme Linton fulfilled six part task trainer allocations where ground school including principles of flight training, along with practical glider simulations, resulted in various blue and bronze wings awards.

Presentation evening was a success and it always amazes me to see how much the squadron achieves in 12 months. As Training Officer it is my favourite event of the year. Every cadet on squadron was awarded a new badge, qualification, promotion or award.

The squadron moves from strength to strength with the appointment of two new Cadet Forces Commissions. Debbie Keenan and myself successfully completed uniformed staff training and assessments resulting in being appointed as Acting Pilot Officer (RAFAC).

We are always welcoming new cadets to the squadron, so if you are aged 12 and in year 8, or older, please get in touch about joining with the details below.

Bradley Wright

Acting Pilot Officer (RAFAC)

Training Officer

07943 873272

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