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March 2021

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

With the government indicating what will hopefully be the final roadmap out of lockdown we are able to prepare for our return to face to face activities. Having been over a year since we were last able to parade, new uniform kitting is high on the agenda!

A comprehensive summer program of activities has been put together for our return, including radio training, fieldcraft, navigation, coding, first aid and sports.

We will soon have the plan for the return of all our favourite activities; flying, gliding and shooting too.

We also look forward to welcoming new members to the squadron, both cadets and staff.

For staff there are many ways to volunteer your time at 2523 Linton Squadron and not all of them involve uniform. We simply ask that you are a minimum of 20 years old. You can get involved in all the RAF Air Cadets has to offer and it is a very rewarding way to volunteer. You may want to just dip in and out to share your life experiences on occasion, or be a more involved member of the team.

For cadets, if you or someone you know is a minimum age of 12 and in year 8 please visit and get in touch to join. We have many fantastic opportunities available to you.

In the summer and at the end of all restrictions we look forward to hosting an open evening where new staff and cadets can come and see all that we have to offer in person.

Bradley Wright

Pilot Officer RAFAC

07943 873272

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