Taking to the skies

Being sponsored by the RAF makes us an organisation with a difference. Cadets have the opportunity to have Air Experience Flights in both powered aircraft and gliders. Our powered aircraft is the Grob Tutor. AEF flights may come as a flying lesson, but often cadets opt to try out aerobatics too.

When we are unable to physically take to the air much of our training programme is aviation related and to gain the blue wings under the PTS a course including simulator training is required.

For those who love their flying there are many scholarships and there is also the chance to apply for the Qualified Aerospace Instructor Course. 

Often we are fortunate enough to be offered AEF flights in unusual aircraft such as Chinook and Gazelle helicopters. Opportunities like these usually come up on annual Summer or Easter camps.


There are many marksman badges available when shooting with the Air Cadets. We start off on air rifles before moving on to the L98A2 cadet rifle, modelled on the SA80. There are monthly wing shoots and there is the opportunity to apply for shooting camps and other qualifications too.

When attending camp it isn't unheard of for cadets to get a chance to use the virtual SAT ranges used by the regulars for training.